Is Ben Carson delusional?

It’s hard to argue that someone with the vast medical talents and storied career that Ben Carson has is delusional.

I’ll do it, though.

Carson is a retired neurosurgeon turned-Republican presidential candidate with no executive experience, no apparent prior knowledge of Middle East affairs and no overarching theme to explain why he should be the leader of the most important country on earth.

He gives a moving speech, weaving in elements of his inspirational life story, but looks entirely out of place in this race.

Watching him go through his campaign, with its series of awkward moves (like suspending voter rallies in order to promote a new book for three weeks), feels like watching your senile aunt talk to the coatrack.

Would somebody go check if she’s okay? She’s fine? Okay, just leave her.

Carson’s  also letting Armstrong Williams, who runs his business brand — he’s supposedly not part of the formal campaign — speak to the media about the complete collapse of his political operation.

This, we were briefly led to believe, is someone who thinks he’s ready to guide the nation for four years.

He’s delusional. Or he never planned on winning to begin with.



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