Privileged Victims dismantles America’s culture of mediocrity by exposing the tyranny driving identity politics and its suffocating obsession with race and gender. 

PVFinalAmerica’s worst ideas and people are rising to the top, thanks to a rancid culture that has turned every part of our lives into a fight between so-called “privilege” and entitled brats claiming “victim” status. The country is under siege and America’s most ferocious enemy is already here: our privileged victims. PUBLISHES SEPTEMBER 3, 2019!

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“How did everyone in America get so unhappy all of a sudden? In part, because it pays. Eddie Scarry lays out the scam in this infuriating and fascinating book. It’ll make you never want to complain again, just for the sake of being countercultural.” (Tucker Carlson, host of Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News)

“According to Eddie Scarry, there is little justice associated with the term ‘social justice.’ And in Privileged Victims, Scarry proves his point while naming names and exposing cons. There’s no safe space in this book!” (Bill O’Reilly, author of the bestselling Killing series and former Fox News host)

“Eddie Scarry holds up the mirror to the ‘woke’ Left with a book that exposes the self-contradictions and delusions at the heart of intersectional insanity.” (Buck Sexton, radio host of The Buck Sexton Show)