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Privileged Victims dismantles America’s culture of mediocrity by exposing the tyranny driving identity politics and its suffocating obsession with race, gender and sexuality.


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America’s worst ideas and people are rising to the top, thanks to a rancid culture that has turned every part of our lives into a fight between so-called “privilege” and entitled brats claiming “victim” status. The country is under siege and America’s most ferocious enemy is already here: our privileged victims.

On university campuses, in the news media, and in Hollywood, race, gender, and sexuality determine who should advance and who should be taken down a peg. Driven by “social justice” and governed by “intersectionality,” out-of-control college students, school administrators, journalists, and titans of the entertainment industry divide and rank us on an infinite scale of grievances—the more of them, the better. And God have mercy on any individual deemed to benefit from “privilege.”

Privileged Victims zealously exposes the lies and myths behind:

  • The #MeToo movement that redefined sexual assault and rape to include simple regret, ruining the lives and careers of countless men
  • Hoax hate crimes, a key feature of the privileged victim class
  • The debate over our jungle-like immigration system, dumbed down by a scheming national news media to ugly charges of racism and xenophobia
  • Hollywood, which no longer aims to produce high-quality entertainment, but to virtue signal and promote “social justice”

And so much more.

In gripping detail, Eddie Scarry uncovers the perversion behind social justice and its identity-first dogma that’s replacing America’s meritocracy, tracing its origins in academia and shining a light on the havoc it has wrought over the course of three decades. Bewildered citizens mistakenly believe that it’s a matter of political correctness gone too far or the ailing symptoms of a country that has grown too sensitive. The truth is much worse: it’s a deliberate, malignant reorganization of American life and the replacement of merit with mediocrity is the ultimate destination.


“How did everyone in America get so unhappy all of a sudden? In part, because it pays. Eddie Scarry lays out the scam in this infuriating and fascinating book. It’ll make you never want to complain again, just for the sake of being countercultural.” — Tucker Carlson, host of Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News

“What I love about Eddie is his courage. He knows the outrage mob is constantly coming and he doesn’t care. Some of us call that being a First Amendment advocate. Count me as a fan and a reader.” —Megyn Kelly

“According to Eddie Scarry, there is little justice associated with the term ‘social justice.’ And in Privileged Victims, Scarry proves his point while naming names and exposing cons. There’s no safe space in this book!” — Bill O’Reilly, author of the bestselling Killing series and former Fox News host

“Eddie Scarry holds up the mirror to the ‘woke’ Left with a book that exposes the self-contradictions and delusions at the heart of intersectional insanity.” — Buck Sexton, radio host of The Buck Sexton Show

Social justice has wrecked the entertainment industry and I covered it for The Federalist! Dave Chappelle’s Netflix Special Is A Giant Middle Finger To Social Justice: Dave Chappelle’s Netflix comedy special wouldn’t be nearly such a hit if the social justice movement hasn’t wrecked and suffocated every singular part of public life. The movement and its followers have screwed up academia, politics, the news media, and all of the entertainment industry, especially comedy. That’s why it took comic-sized balls for Chappelle to roast nearly every sensitive topical event of the last year, including Me Too and the increasingly militant transgender political lobby.

Me in the New York Post! Hyper-Woke Dems Will Maul Uncle Joe: Even before launching his 2020 presidential bid,Joe Biden knelt at the altar of identity grievance. He will kneel and kneel some more through the campaign. None of it will be enough, and he is destined to be mauled by the modern left’s grievance-mongers. The “woke” social justice movement rules today’s Democrats, and the party’s candidates are ranked for fitness on a crude, ever-shifting scale of “intersectionality,” used to determine who is most oppressed. If a candidate can claim oppression based on race, gender or sexuality, he or she can move forward. If he is deemed to have “privilege,” God help him.

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I’m once again in the New York Post! Hollywood is using victimhood to sell us bad entertainment: The 24 million people who watched this year’s Academy Awards got to see what Hollywood has become: an industry that cares less about producing quality entertainment, and more about reinforcing a culture that puts a premium on grievance, oppression and victimhood. No one is more committed to fortifying the standing of victims and their unearned privileges than liberal celebrities. What are each of the nationally televised awards ceremonies if not tributes to social justice, celebrations of “diversity” and recognitions of various forms of hardship that women, ethnic minorities and non-heterosexuals are assumed to endure?

On Bernie Sanders and the social justice movement: News coverage (even in the conservative media) on the rise of Bernie Sanders has marveled at what this means for the Democratic Party’s lurch toward being a “socialist” party, but that’s not the greatest consequence of his campaign’s success. Sanders’s status as the “socialist” candidate is far less terrifying than what he really is: the social justice candidate.