Why do some people hate Carly Fiorina?

Carly Fiorina, a Republican presidential candidate and former Hewlett-Packard CEO, says she’s “distinctly horrifying to liberals.”

It’s true.

I’m not sure it’s just liberals but some friends of mine have volunteered their opinions about the 2016 race to me and the one person they hate the most isn’t Donald Trump‘s pink ass. It’s Fiorina.

One friend, a liberal gay guy, told me that when he watched the second GOP debate, it made him “hate” Fiorina. One of the reasons was her hair, which looks okay to me.

Another friend of mine, a woman journalist who is politically independent, told me she also hates Fiorina. She used the word “hate.” One of her reasons was the way Fiorina talks, which also seems seems okay to me. Fiorina doesn’t stutter. It’s mostly unemotional.

A third friend I know, a longtime Democrat, live-tweeted the second GOP debate and one of his posts said that he “cannot stand Carly Fiorina above all. Cannot.” His tweets didn’t say why, though.

The evidence that people hate her isn’t just anecdotal.

It’s easy to imagine Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus hooked up to a blood pressure monitor when she wrote in May, “I’m writing about Fiorina because, frankly, as a woman, her candidacy offends me.”

She’s offended. As a woman.

My theory: Fiorina delivers an entirely flawless performance in every TV hit, debate and radio interview she does. If you didn’t see her on ABC’s “The View,” the most hostile show a Republican woman can ever do, her performance can only be summed up as artful. Something to be studied in media training courses for Republican women for years.

Fiorina doesn’t stumble over her words. She has an answer for every question, which is to say, she answers every question.

She doesn’t move awkward in her seat or at the podium. She doesn’t embarrass.

New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser wrote a very critical column on Fiorina in September. But here’s how she described her:

On the campaign trail and on the debate stage, the lone female candidate among the 16 contenders for the Republican presidential nomination exudes a level of superhuman control posing as gravitas.


Every hair is locked in place. No skirt crease is offline. Every word emanating from Fiorina’s sculpted lips is delivered in practiced, soothing tones, her head tilted to an ­unthreatening 10-degree angle.

When you want someone to fail and she’s seemingly entirely unshakable, how can you not hate her.


One comment

  1. Invisible Mikey · October 9, 2015

    Well, there is that itty-bitty character flaw. She lies about important stuff, like her career success, what’s on the CMP tapes etc. I don’t hate her at all, but I do try not to intentionally vote for liars. (Sometimes I’ve been fooled.)


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