My interview with Donald Trump

Donald Trump officially became the Republican Party’s nominee for president last week and, as fate would have it, I was lucky enough to interview him just beforehand.

Talking with Trump is, like pretty much every reporter will tell you, complicated.

He’s very polite, complimentary and fun because he’ll answer anything. (I asked him if he played Pokemon GO; he had an answer.)

But he’s also difficult to pierce.

Trump frequently repeats himself. He offers vague answers on most political questions and it makes you wonder if that’s because he doesn’t know that much about them.

Though he often embraces controversy and will talk at length about almost any hot topic, there are times that Trump withdraws from it.

Trump has been, by far, the most gay friendly Republican presidential candidate ever. I wanted to know if he had gay friends and what they felt about his campaign. Here’s the part:

Examiner: Do you personally have close gay friends and what do they say to you about your campaign?

Trump: Yes, I do have gay friends. Yes.

Examiner: Do they say anything to you about your campaign and the way you’ve run it?

Trump: They actually support me. They actually support me. They know me. They know my heart. They know me and they actually support me.

It was clear he didn’t want to discuss it at length, perhaps because he thought he might say the wrong thing. Which is not a terrible calculation for a Republican.

Read the full interview here.


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