Debating a ‘Never Trump’ guy

Most fascinating about the Donald Trump element of the 2016 race is how the national media and the Republican Party power apparatus in Washington have reacted to it.

Which is to say, they’ve been entirely in sync in their opposition toward him.

For at least four decades, the GOP has bitched about getting unfair treatment from “the liberal media.” Trump came along, beat the media at its own game and suddenly Republicans in Washington yearned for a hostile press that would take out their own party’s front-runner.

GOP: If only we could get the media to like us!
Trump: I’ll fight the media and win.
GOP: Quick, media! Get rid of him!

Leading the Trump opposition on the GOP side is Tim Miller, someone I know and like. Below is a back-and-forth between us from today, beginning with a headline I pulled from the Washington Post (“Manafort” is a reference to Trump’s campaign aide, Paul Manafort, who recently suggested in a private meeting that much of Trump’s public persona is merely an “image”):










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