Bill Maher’s Real Time is one of the last respectable news shows

HBO Real Time host Bill Maher demonstrated this week why his show is one of the only current events programs worth watching anymore.

Mocking the so-small controversy regarding stunt queen reporter Michelle Fields and Donald Trump‘s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, Maher quoted Fields from a recent TV interview:

This woman said … “This has to be, aside from my father’s death, the worst experience I’ve gone through.” And I thought, what a charmed, lucky, clueless, white-girl life you have lived if that’s the worst thing that’s happened to you.

He went on to stay that Lewandowski, who is scheduled for a court appearance in May, should never have been charged with “assault.” (Lewandowski was actually charged with “simple battery.” Or, as people who have seen the video call it: bullshit.)

The issue about a reporter being pulled aside by the arm has never been a serious matter, even though cable news tried to make people think it was.

Maher has done the nation a favor by finally reducing it to a joke.


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