What’s going on with customer service?

There’s something happening with customer service.

A few things that have happened to me over the last few weeks:

  • During a trip to Target, I set my basket of stuff on the counter (not a conveyer belt) for the woman at the register to begin scanning. I said hi to the cashier — she was about 19 — and she said, “Can you take your stuff out of the basket?” Why are customers expected to unpack the things we’re about to buy? Should we put on red shirts?
  • After changing at the gym, I headed to one of the restrooms, which is behind a free-weight area that gets roped off during certain hours for training sessions. I was stopped by a trainer who said, “When you see this area roped off, that means it’s off limits unless you have an appointment with a trainer.” I asked if that meant the restroom in the area was off limits and he said no, “I thought you were going to use the weights. Just communicate next time, otherwise we’ll say something to you. Communicate.” Is it reasonable that a paying gym member be expected to inform a trainer when he needs to use a restroom? 
  • After getting a haircut, I told the stylist that parts of it were not done properly. She said, “Because you kept moving.” (I was chewing gum.) Why should a customer receive blame for poor service? Should I have apologized and smacked my own mouth?

What’s happening?


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