Melissa Harris-Perry’s entitlement issues

For someone who has spent countless hours railing against “white privilege,” Melissa Harris-Perry is, according to very strong evidence, an entitled brat.

Harris-Perry was more or less fired this week from her job as a weekend host at MSNBC.

It started Friday when the New York Times published what was supposed to be an internal MSNBC email from Perry to her colleagues. She complained in the note that her show had been preempted by 2016 campaign coverage:

In her email, Ms. Harris-Perry wrote that she was not sure if the NBC News chairman, Andrew Lack, or Phil Griffin, the MSNBC president, were involved in the way her show was handled recently, but she directed blame toward both.


“I will not be used as a tool for their purposes,” she wrote. “I am not a token, mammy or little brown bobble head. I am not owned by Lack, Griffin or MSNBC. I love our show. I want it back.”

This is the voice of a self-professed “intellectual,” though you would be forgiven for thinking the email was actually written by Rachel Dolezal.

Harris-Perry told the Times that she would be boycotting her show this past weekend because it had been replaced by campaign coverage in previous weeks.

You’re reading that correctly: Harris-Perry said she would not appear on her own show in protest of not being allowed to appear on her own show. This is like a hostage refusing to eat because she’s not being fed.

Harris-Perry was let go four days after the Times report on her email, which is generally what happens when you suggest to your boss that he’s racist and that your’e “not owned” by him.

It’s a solid mystery as to what leverage Harris-Perry thought she had here:

  • She threatened to boycott her own show which was already seeing itself replaced by actual news (though we would come to miss such cerebral segments on how the phrase “hard worker” should only be used about black slaves).
  • Harris-Perry’s ratings were at the bottom of the barrel.
  • MSNBC said in 2015 that it was moving away from liberal commentary toward harder news. It’s a hard-news season — a presidential election — with no shortage of live programming that can be thrown on air at any time; filling Harris-Perry’s show slot wouldn’t be a problem for the next eight months.
  • It was reported in April 2015 that Harris-Perry owed the IRS $70,000; did she not need the job?

Several of MSNBC’s liberal contributors were cut in 2015. Harris-Perry was lucky to even still be there.

She was a bad employee, not unlike every high school student operating the department store checkout.

But the high school student eventually grows up to learn she’s replaceable.



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