Why so many conservative writers hate Trump

The most visceral hatred for Donald Trump doesn’t come from Democrats offended by how “conservative” he supposedly is (he isn’t). It comes from a segment of the media that can’t stand how much Trump just really doesn’t care what they have to say.

It’s the corner of the media that fancies itself the “intellectual” voice within the Republican Party.

National Review, The Weekly Standard, TownHall.com and several of the commentators on Fox News despise Trump with a heated emotionalism usually only found in a battered women’s support group.

Ahead of the Iowa caucuses, National Review published an entire “conservatives against Trump” issue.

(The magazine took credit for Trump’s second-place finish — he came three points behind Ted Cruz — but remained curiously silent when he took New Hampshire a week later in a landslide.)

TownHall.com editor and Fox News commentator Guy Benson has called Trump the “ultimate conservative poser.”

He said of Trump in December, “He may be pushing the right buttons to suit a segment of the populace’s mood, but he evinces exceedingly tenuous knowledge of issues, and displays little in the way of loyalty to any core convictions…”

Charles Krauthammer on Fox News said that the “mainstream media” would “lavish” Trump with coverage because they “wish the Republicans no good.”

This kind of stuff sends every other Republican to rehab, where they backpedal on whatever it is they’ve done to piss off the conservative writers who collude in D.C. and New York.

Conservatives in the media are used to holding Republican candidates and officials in a vice grip. Writers on the right conspire to take down any Republican who isn’t properly pure on every conservative idea, even if it would mean in pulling in more votes.

Trump doesn’t care when conservative in the media don’t like him. He told Fox News to screw itself when he felt just one of the networks’ hosts, Megyn Kelly, wasn’t being fair to him.

“You know, when I watch a George Will or a Charles Krauthammer, you know, I’ve watched them for years, they’re losers,” Trump said last summer. “They’re just losers. They sit there, they haven’t done anything.”

Of Will, Trump said in January, “Take away the glasses, he looks like a dumb guy.”

Before Trump made his campaign official last June, media conservatives had taken sides: Scott Walker (pulled out with less than 1 percent national support), Jeb Bush (hasn’t won a single state and likely won’t), Rick Perry (didn’t make it to Iowa, even after two years of trying to transform his image from cowboy to college professor).

Trump came in and shredded what was said to be an overwhelmingly “strong bench” of candidates, even as he was bombarded by attacks from the “thoughtful” conservatives in media.

He didn’t listen. You could see it on their faces how offended they were that they no longer had a seat at the table of who would possibly become their party’s nominee.

It’s obvious why the media conservatives hate Trump. Nobody likes to be ignored.


One comment

  1. keithosaunders · February 20, 2016

    They hate him because they prefer their racism veiled.


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