Someone tell chubby Ted Cruz that French fries are not conservative

During a last-minute campaign rally in Iowa on Monday, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who is a little doughy, assured voters that if his wife Heidi becomes first lady, “fries are coming back to the cafeteria.”

It was an apparent reference to efforts led by current first lady Michelle Obama to make public school lunches healthier, something Republicans hate because do not touch their fried fat and large gravies.

The GOP takes the okay position that the government shouldn’t tell people what to eat. But it’s one of life’s mysteries that conservatives are so married to enriched flour and cheese that comes out of a can.

That’s not freedom. It’s fructose corn syrup.

Rush Limbaugh said something similar about this in 2010. “I think half the reason [President] Obama leaves the White House is to go get a burger because his wife is making him eat watercress and bamboo in there,” he said. “He wants to get out and have some real food, have some fries, some onion rings.”

That’s not real food. It’s cardiac arrest.

My note to the average conservative: You’re not showing up liberals by sticking to a diet of pizza, butter and potatoes. You’re showing up fat.



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