How much embarrassment can Huma Abedin endure?

The New York Times on Tuesday reported about a new documentary, “Weiner,” which follows the oh-so-pathetic 2013 run for New York City mayor by disgraced former Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner.

Recall that Weiner’s political rebound from a 2011 extramarital sexting scandal, which took place while his wife was pregnant, seemed promising. He was ahead in polls but then it turned out he was still a smart-phone exhibitionist. Then he cratered.

The movie reportedly centers on how Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, reacts throughout the campaign, even as it is revealed that Weiner is still having online sexual relationships with young women.

If you had to write a dark comedy about embarrassment, it couldn’t be more uncomfortable than this:

The film overflows with juicy moments about Mr. Weiner. As the second scandal unfolds in July 2013, Mr. Weiner is shown panicking; misleading the news media; and, at one point, racing through the back halls of a McDonald’s to avoid a woman with whom he traded inappropriate texts, whom his campaign code-named “Pineapple.”

Abedin is a longtime and very close aide to Hillary Clinton, who went through her own martial issues.

But those problems weren’t even close to as publicly humiliating as Abedin’s.

Hillary is married to a former president, Bill, who, it seems, is or was probably a horny old man who did some (being generous) questionable things. (Possibly rape, but that’s never been proven).

But, at least for Hillary, he was president. He’s good looking, relatively. He’s not repulsive. He’s even charming, by all accounts.

Then you look at Abedin and Weiner’s situation. Where is the redeeming quality?

He’s not attractive. Probably ugly, even on the low bar set for politicians.

Weiner’s name is Weiner. He sent other women embarrassing photos of himself flexing his little chest, and other photos that were more average or below average, depending on your personal experience.

Weiner connected with women online, calling himself “Carlos Danger,” like he’s a dashing Spaniard instead of a bony Jew.

He looks like poultry.

And there’s Abedin, a fairly attractive woman, by any standard, and she stuck by Weiner.

It’s very nice of her but everyone has their limits.


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