MSNBC makes a smart choice, shrinks Al Sharpton

Broke this a moment ago: MSNBC demotes Al Sharpton to Sunday mornings.

Of all the things MSNBC has ever done, this is the most right. Praise for Andrew Lack, the new chairman of NBC News, for restoring some sense of reality to MSNBC.

Everything about Al Sharpton having a weekday primetime political TV talk show is wrong.


  1. Cannot read a teleprompter
  2. Does not speak in a conversational way
  3. Appears to not write or even pre-read his own scripts (even the parts that are supposed to be his opinions)
  4. Vowed not to criticize President Obama, ever
  5. Looks like a baked sweet potato

If a producer thought, “Hmm, how can I create the absolute worst thing for TV possible– even worse than Mario Lopez?” those would be the ingredients.

Sharpton is moving to 8 a.m. on Sundays. He won’t do any better there. And soon he’ll be gone.



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